About Ruby

ruby-muza-san-antonio-wedding-photographerThere are moments in life that are so precious, so magical, and so extraordinary you wish that time could simply stop, allowing the Now to be enjoyed forever. These are the moments that define and shape our life forever. These are your moments. Moments that must be captured in a way that truly reflects your every emotion and the very essence of your spirit, body and soul. Capturing these moments is part of my calling; my purpose in life.

Our co-creation connection will be revealed through the lens of my camera. It is a unique approach I have developed that combines the art of traditional portraiture photography with the storytelling images of photojournalism. I then add a from-the-heart touch that results in capturing the unique beauty that shines from everyone, from every walk of life, no matter the journey.

Therefore, whether it’s a bride whose love for her groom outshines her new ring, a jet-lagged celebrity, a seemingly random connection between strangers, or the shadows of a historic landmark, I will find that spark, that defining characteristic that captures their essence forever.

My loving mother said it best during my kindergarten graduation party. As I was posing ever so carefully for the camera, she turned to the photographer and quietly said, Wait. Wait for her REAL smile.

The photographer waited. Moments later a photograph was taken that was unique and unlike any other throughout my life. It captured my excitement, happiness, and an innocent love for life during that one precious sunny afternoon in May; this is where it all began for me.

My commitment to you is a present, fun, from-the-heart touch. Let’s share life’s precious moments by capturing true beauty, your authentic essence, and your REAL smile. With 20 years of experience and the blessing of a humble heart for the art, I’m more excited than ever about my work and future honoring my clients by capturing true emotion.

Everyone is beautiful; it’s about seeing it and capturing it. –Ruby Muza